First Aid

For over 100 years, Vi-Jon has offered effective and affordable first aid solutions for customers and their families. First aid remedies should help your customers feel better quickly without causing pain to their budgets. From trusted antiseptics like alcohols, peroxides and iodine to medicated powders, chest rubs, laxatives and Epsom salts, we have the right assortment in a wide variety of sizes. In addition, we offer medicated foot creams, powders and anti-fungal treatments as well as anti-itch creams, lotions and ointments in traditional forms as well as convenient “on-the-go” packages.

Respect for the Environment

Swan_FirstAid_FamilyAs a leading provider of alcohol and peroxide at U.S. retail stores, Vi-Jon wanted to go beyond basic recycling to further help reduce the environmental footprint of our plastic bottles. The result was a unique, square bottle which requires less plastic and has a smaller footprint when compared to similarly sized round bottles. Additional efficiencies include the ability to load more cases per pallet, which reduces transportation costs, and the square bottle also takes up less space on store shelves.