Hair Care

From classic favorites to on-trend technologies, Vi-Jon “shops the world” to bring you a broad range of affordable hair care solutions. At Vi-Jon, we do more than provide alternatives to pricey salon-style or national brands. We constantly research the market to discover the best solutions for common hair care problems, as well as to gain insight on new technologies, fragrances, and organic sustainable ingredients and packaging. In addition to manufacturing a wide range of competitive hair care products for men, women and children, we can provide on-trend specialty, salon-style or proprietary brands and bring them to market at affordable prices.

Versatile Hair Care Solutions

Swan_Haircare_FamilyWhen it comes to the hair care aisle, consumers are faced with an overwhelming array of choices. If hair is curly, frizzy or straight, do they choose products for moisturizing, smoothing or color-treated? Which shampoo or conditioner leaves hair flat, dull and lifeless, or sleek, shiny and full of bounce? What about damage caused by sulfates, preservatives or everyday styling? At Vi-Jon, our hair care advisers can help you provide easy to shop solutions to maximize the benefits of your hair care assortment while minimizing cost and confusion for your customers.