Nail Care

As one of the leading providers of private brand nail polish removers in the U.S., more and more women trust their nails to Vi-Jon.

Busy lifestyles and tighter budgets have consumers looking for easy and affordable solutions they can do at home. Vi-Jon has always provided a wide range of high-quality nail care products in a number of delivery formats to meet your customers’ changing needs, including nail polish remover pads, dip-it jars, and traditional bottles. Our high performance offerings include both acetone and non-acetone formulas, nourishing and strengthening formulas.

The Right Nail Care Solutions

nail-care2The economy may change the way consumers shop, but that doesn’t mean they are willing to sacrifice things that make them look and feel better. Whether your customer does her nails at home or wants to stretch her dollars by applying her own nail polish between manicures, we know providing the right mix of quality products for maintaining natural and artificial nails is key. Let us help you build the right assortment to maximize profits while providing the greatest value for your customers.