Skin Care

At Vi-Jon, we recognize consumers are increasingly aware of what they put into and on their bodies, and products that combine multiple benefits are in high demand. With our products consumers don’t have to sacrifice quality for a lesser price.

As one of the industry leaders in the manufacturing of private brand skin care, we develop quality face and body care solutions that maximize benefits while minimizing the cost to your customers. Whether you are looking for a product to compete with a national brand or your own proprietary skin care solution, we offer specially developed lines of acne, cosmetic, anti-aging, sensitive, and therapeutic skin products that combine cutting-edge technologies with high quality ingredients at an economical price without compromising integrity

Not as Simple as Cream in a Jar

Swan_Skincare_FamilyConsumers have many choices when it comes to skin care, and providing the best solution has never been more challenging. Today’s top products must now multitask to simplify daily regimens, address specific needs, and offer value. Moisturizers no longer just moisturize, they firm, tighten and brighten while providing SPF protection. Cleansers do not just clean, they fight acne, shrink pores, and brighten complexions. At Vi-Jon, we’re focused on emerging trends and can pull multiple benefits together to create solutions to help your customers to simplify life and put their best face forward.