100% Employee Owned

We are strongly convicted in the power of employee-ownership. Employee-owned companies benefit their employees, the companies at which they work and the communities in which they live. Employee-owned companies tend to be more successful, competitive, profitable and sustainable, while their employees tend to be more entrepreneurial and committed to their companies’ success.

Invested in Success

We believe that, in order to realize the full potential of our talented employee-owners, they must have a significant personal stake in the outcomes of the decisions they make. Through their participation in the Emprise Group Employee Stock Ownership Plan, we strive to provide an opportunity for all employee-owners to secure their future financial independence by offering them an ownership stake in our combined business.

We believe that broad-based employee ownership results in increased participation in decision-making, greater job security and satisfaction and larger long-term wealth accumulation and better pay and benefits.

Long Term Focus

We aim to create an organization that generates a significant sense of pride and dedication among all employee-owners within an organizational structure that ensures the future sustainability and ongoing success of our business.

Our organizational structure, our involvement in the communities in which our employee-owners live and work and with organizations that promote employee-ownership and our strong governance and oversight structure will help ensure that our organization will continue to thrive for the benefit of our current and future employee-owners.